Frontier Trading is specialized in selling frozen and chilled pork meat. We commit ourselves to provide a comprehensive range of quality meat that offers tasty, healthy, great value and give consideration to all of our customers needs with passion and professionalism. 

Most of all Frontier considers quality control to be a joint project between the production plants and final customers. All Frontier’s products are from plants with very high hygiene and quality standards, meeting our customers’ requirements in all senses.

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Pork rindless, boneless belly


Pork bonelss, rindless loin


Pork femur bones


Pork fron feet


Pork tails with tail bones


Pork heart


Pork finger bones


Pork shank, bone in, rind on


Pork boneless, rindless collar


Pork boneless, rindless shoudler


Pork back fat