About us

Global sales of pork meat

Frontier Trading A/S was established in 1996 by Peter Philip Tetzlaff. From that time our main activity was sale of the European pork to Japan and still remaining so.

Frontier is well acquainted with global sales of pork meat. To achieve the highest satisfaction of our customers we maintain an active dialogue with producer on the production and quality side to ensure the optimum balance between supply and demand, to provide smooth business relations between the parties and to develop long-term business potential.

Business philosophy

Our main concern is product quality and customers needs. At Frontier we have made a commitment of providing quality customer service and response. And in doing so, we guarantee our own continued growth as well as the success of the customers we serve. 

We are flexible and efficient in order to supply the best service to our customers and best cooperation with our business partners. Our experience and technical expertise with innovation let us react quickly to the changing demands across the global market.

Hygiene and quality control 

Quality is for us the most important point, starting from farming the row material used for production which comes from the hogs raised on farms managed by experienced staff. Further to slaughterhouse that correspond with all quality standards, including a well trained staff with strict veterinary controls and finishing in de-boning plants with the same high standard following the product delivered to customer’s door.

Cause the quality control is a joint project between our suppliers, ourselves and our customers. It is a must that we audit all of our suppliers by visiting their production place, cold stores, examine their lenience and certificates in order to make sure that they meet the requirements in all sense. Moreover we are also under surveillance of Danish food safety authorities, that audits regularly our quality procedures in accordance with Danish and EU legislation.